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Finding economical and flexible, Vermont long term care insurance has been an important concern for many aging Vermonters throughout the years. In fact, the state of Vermont is planning for the increasing population of its elderly people who are 65 years old and above. The current elderly population is now up to 14.5% of the total population and this percentage is expected to double. Different Vermont long term care insurance programs have actually been presented for uninsured Vermonters who want to receive in-home care.

Some people mistakenly think that long term care insurance should only be considered by elderly people. This assumption is definitely not true. In fact, 40% of people receiving long term care today are between the ages of 18 and 64. The younger people’s inability to take care of themselves may be due to chronic illnesses or accidents resulting in serious injuries. For long term care insurance, Vermont residents can have all long term care services covered. Some people think their disability income insurance and health insurance provides coverage if long term care services are required, but this may not be so. Long term care insurance greatly helps you and your family members so they do not need to assist at a physical or financial level.

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