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The economies around the world are still floundering.  People are in debt and are going to be in debt for years to come.  Almost everyone knows someone who is in debt.  The times are trying – both mentally and physically.  If you have disability insurance then these kinds of circumstances probably won’t worry you as much – you have the income protection you need as a viable backup plan. However, if you don’t have coverage because you don’t have the money to afford it, then the strain can seem daunting.

Is there are an answer to the dilemma?  Can people still get suitable coverage without paying a significant price?  To answer the question bluntly – yes, there is a solution.  Virginia disability insurance is the answer that everyone is looking for.  Also, consider that one-sixth of all Americas are disabled (close to 50 million).  Disability insurance is a great way to get a waived premium – which, ultimately, is a saving grace for the disabled population.

First and foremost, what is disability insurance?  Virginia is one of the biggest states in the country and because of this the state is a very expensive place to live.  With that many people in close proximity it’s sometimes hard to predict the future.  With insurance such as this, these qualms can be subsided.    It’s very flexible insurance – anyone can apply for it no matter what their occupation – and it’s affordable.

The best time to apply for insurance is before you start working – not during.  This is because the only way to receive the benefits of the policy immediately is to have the insurance when you become disabled.

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