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Life is unpredictable. An accident or serious illness could strike at any time, changing your life for a period of time or maybe even forever. If you were suddenly injured or fell sick and were unable to work, would you be able to survive, financially speaking? It’s a sad reality, but many Americans would be stuck, unable to pay for their basic necessities, because they didn’t take preventative measures.

Wisconsin disability insurance is an economical solution to this problem.  By being an affordable insurance policy, it can a) help people in economic trouble and b) help alleviate the fear that resonates with people when it comes to having enough money.

With regards to disability insurance, Wisconsin residents have been taking advantage of its benefits as the troubled economy and higher work-related stress puts greater pressure on people’s earnings—what if you suddenly couldn’t bring home a pay check?  In general, the following aspects should be considered:

• Who:  The insurance appeals to all kinds of people.  This is because it has the ability to be flexible and adhere to certain economic needs of any individual.  In general, disability insurance is for everyone and anyone who works, or feels like they need to protect their income.

• What: Essentially, this kind of coverage is one that is at a fixed rate and one that only covers a person if they have the policy.  This means that the only way to receive benefits immediately is if the insurance is already in place when you become disabled.

• When: Perhaps the most important question is when.  When should you apply for such insurance?  First and foremost, it doesn’t have to be short-term and the only thing that should be considered is that you need the policy before a disability occurs.  Therefore, the best time to apply for the insurance is before you start working or, if you’re already employed, as soon as possible.

• Where:  The website is full of more detailed information regarding policies and prices.  Additionally, you can call live agents and complete the application process with their help, right over the phone.